Born as the twins, Veronica and Katherine Veldez face so many problems. Everybody look confuse. They’re living in simple life as college students and do the part time jobs.

One day, Katherine went to the couple’s party in New York City with her friends. How lucky she is?! She won a ticket to Paris for a couple of months. She told her sister, Veronica, that she will be fly to Paris soon and find someone who handsome and kind for her life!

60 girls join the new competition to become high class is (elite). All the girls come around the United State of America, and competed with other girls, and have only one girl that can become elite and living with high class forever. Come into red carpet, high fashion, luxury car, bodyguards, can go everywhere.

Rachel Haward is a girl in 20 years old, who in university and finding a work by herself. She’s living with her mother Ali Harward. She hate this competition, but why she become a Elite contestant?

How can she approve it?